The Curious Case Of Britney Spears (Pg. 6)


It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when Madonna held the same light artistic weight as Britney. If you were to believe all the talk in the mid-‘80s, the reigning Queen of Pop would not have lasted beyond her “Like A Virgin” era. Sounds familiar? “You look at the pop landscape and you always want to compare Britney to Madonna,” Mitchell says of the two pop behemoths who collaborated on the uber successful 2003 event single “Me Against The World.” “People were down on Madonna’s talents for years. But there are some differences there. Madonna writes and produces a lot of her own material. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s still there. But the connection comes in the celebrity and fame aspect.”

Perez, however, cautions such talk. He believes that while Britney is a legitimate icon, she needs to show more work ethic before she can dream of even being in the same zip code as Madge. “She has not done one single piece of promotion for her new single or her upcoming album,” Perez worries of Britney’s current marketing run. “She’s not performing at the Grammy awards, and it just makes no sense to me. She’s had months and months to prepare. If you are not ready to come out, you shouldn’t release your single or album. When you expect success and don’t work hard you are headed for failure. Madonna has never done that. To me there is a general laissez faire attitude about Britney right now. It could backfire.”

Dixon, however, says she’s learned to never bet against Britney Spears. “There are the people who say that she has no talent and that she is washed up,” Dixon says. “Then there are the fans who say that Britney still has it and that the new record is great. But for some reason drama seems to help her come out with better music. Britney continues to win no matter what.”

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