Eddie Murphy’s 10 Best Movie Roles

Eddie Murphy is set to start off the new year right by playing the leading role in the brand-new comedy, A Thousand Words, which was directed by Brian Robbins who also worked with Murphy on Norbit and Meet Dave. Murphy plays Jack McCall, a fast-talking Hollywood literary agent who gets cursed by a New Age guru. A magical tree appears in his backyard with 1000 leaves on it and every time McCall speaks a word, one leaf falls off the tree. Once all the leaves are gone? Well, you’ll just have to go and watch the movie when it comes out in theaters on March 9 to see what happens.

To help you get ready to see Murphy back up on the silver screen, we put together a photo gallery of 10 of his most memorable movie roles. From films that helped launch his career to those that have come out out in recent years, these are the must-see movies for anyone who claims to be an Eddie Murphy fan. Click through the gallery to see what they are.

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