Fist Pump Nation! Tyrese Readies Two David Guetta Records


No one is safe from the boom boom pow of David Guetta. Yep, not even baby-making crooner Tyrese. The singer known for his hits “Sweet Lady” and “Lately” told VIBE recently that he’s ready to show the world his best fist pumping anthem.

“I just did two up-tempo house type of records with David Guetta. I was in Brazil shooting Fast & Furious and I had never heard of David Guetta in my life, just goes to show you how out of tune I am with house, techno, and pop music,” Tyrese admitted.

“But he’s one of the biggest DJs in the world. He was in front of 120,000 people deejaying and I went to go see him get down because Akon knows him really well. Akon was in Brazil and I took Vin Diesel with me and it was nuts. It was like nothing I ever seen in my fucking life. I’m on stage with a DJ, in front of 120,000 people. What the hell is going on with my life right now?”

Tyrese also acknowledged the power of techno and how it stretches R&B’s success further than it’s even been before… at least for now. “This is crazy. This house techno shit is a whole other level of stratosphere. It just is. Regardless of how you cut it up. These Brazilians who don’t speak a lick of English are going nuts over, “I got a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night…” [What me and Guetta did] is big.

Tyrese drops his first book, How To Get Out Of Your Own Way June 1.

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