Foxy Brown Gets Thrown Out Of New York Fashion Week After Party

Foxy Brown is becoming a messy liability!

After a horrible diss to Lil Kim (“Christmas Massacre”) and facing a lawsuit from her former manager, the once-popular female emcee has gotten herself escorted from a NYFW after party this past week. TMZ says Brown was scheduled to perform but arrived 10 minutes before the event was shutting down. Instead of leaving the Red Bull Space in Soho peacefully, Foxy barred herself in the bathroom and refused to leave. Surely, secruity came and threw her out.

However, Foxy brown “exclusively” tells RadarOnline, “The story is a complete fabrication.”

“Indashio is a personal friend of mine,” she said, adding that the eccentric young designer will be styling her for her next album. “I love and support him.”

SMH! Who do you believe?