Get Your Kitchen Operation Ready: Coca Cola’s Secret Recipe Revealed

The Coca Cola recipe was one of the most guarded trade secrets in the world until now. The ingredients have been leaked a while ago but the news has resurfaced. According to the radio program, This American Life, a photo of the coveted recipe was published in the Atlanta Constitution-Journal in 1979.

The recipe consists of two parts: caffeine, sugar, caramel and vanilla, but also “fluid extract of coca.”

The second part — an exotic concoction called “Merchandise 7X,” which includes cinnamon, nutmeg oil, neroli, orange oil and coriander — gives the popular drink its distinctive flavour.

Take that how you want. If you’re a soda fiend maybe it will make a nice weekend project to try to make your own version of it. But you might need to figure out a substitute for whatever “Merchandise 7X” is. [CBC News]

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