Grammy Recap: Usher And Justin Bieber Take Grammy Loss In Stride

In one of the most shocking wins of the evening, Esperanza Spalding took home ‘Best New Artist’ over favored nominees Drake and Justin Bieber.

The man who discovered the latter Canadian’s talent spoke on the disappoint.

“I’m very happy for all the winners tonight. I would of preferred it—that Justin Bieber had won ‘Best New Artist.’ But, I been here before and didn’t win,” Usher told journalists backstage after the show.

“His musical journey is a part of his story, as he gets older I think he’ll be able to tell it, and hopefully he’ll be back here again.”

Biebs also spoke on the upset: “I’m really happy for her, and I had a great night. I got to perform with my mentor, which was amazing. Hopefully she has a good year.”

Before rushing off to after parties, the pint-sized pop megahouse gave props to his mentor for bringing him this far at such a young age.

“[Usher] helped me so much. Even giving me little dance steps to work in and just helping me. We just rehearsed the past week with this. Bieber continued, “Music means everything to me. I don’t know what I’ll do without it.”

Bieber’s big screen documentary, Never Say Never, is now showing at theatres nationwide. —Mikey Fresh