How I Transitioned From Child Star to Adult Actress By Tia Mowry

I think that Tamera and I grew up naturally; we didn’t force anything in society. We didn’t make any announcements that said, ‘Look at us we’re adults.’ Like being thrown in magazines with no clothes on. Some people chose that route and say, ‘Look at me I’m an adult now. I took my clothes off, see?’ Tamera and I didn’t do, we grew up, we stepped away for  a moment and went to college.


We studied abroad, I lived in France, I lived in Florence I traveled around the world. And I went to Egypt, Paris, Spain, Rome, Nice—all of those places. I grew up and then I came back.  But I just lived my normal life and stayed normal. Tamera and I weren’t out getting drunk. We were in school and I think that centered us. My sister and I always kept busy. And having Tamera with me in this business was always a help. Because when I wondered if I would ever get another job again she understood what I was going thru. And we would help to build each others’ confidence levels. Also, we come from a very traditional family. And I am a traditional person, so all of that kept me very grounded.

As Told To Ronke Idowu Reeves