‘I Don’t Trust Women’: Don’t Believe the Hype

Strong female relationships are essential to womanhood! At times women may feel distant from their girlfriends, but woman-to-woman bonds have the ability to uplift, unite and conquer many problems females face in life. If you catch a vixen poppin’ noise about not trusting her lady counterparts, then you may want to stay clear of her. Here’s one woman’s take on it.

At work you’ve formed a cordial relationship with one of the other women, and you start eating lunch with her regularly. Both of you share some of the same interests, the two of you are always laughing together and seem to get along well. Eventually, the break room chats turn into hanging out occasionally after work. In a random conversation over cocktails and appetizers you tell the story about the time you and your besties went to Miami, partied and relaxed on the beach for a much needed vacation. Something in her eyes indicates she can’t relate, and her statement later confirms it.

“I don’t hang with females. And I don’t have any female friends because women can’t be trusted,” she says.

Although you can understand where she’s coming from, your immediate response is a blank stare. In our lifetime, majority of women have heard at least one woman mumble something similar to the above sentiments. Distrust of women, especially women of color, is at an all time high. Too many Black women have adopted a mentality of automatically having a negative perception of other black women. We have got to stop this.

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