Janet Jackson Speaks On Purposely Banging Her Head Because She Felt Ugly

Even celebrities with the most glamorous of demeanors can crumble beneath the industry’s unforgiving beauty standards. During an intimate conversation with the TODAY show, Janet Jackson revealed just how deeply her own inner beauty struggles cut during her younger years: “I would literally bang my head up against the wall because I didn’t feel attractive. … There was a lot of pain in my life. But I did. I felt very unattractive.”

Janet admits that much of her insecurities can be attributed to her older brothers, including Michael, who teased her with ugly monikers like “horse, pig, cow, slaughter-hog.”

Slaughter-hog? Yikes.

The ever resplendent singer and actress reveals more about her hidden self in her coming book, True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself.  “I still have issues with it. I don’t bang my head up against the wall, but I still have those moments.  And I think it’ll probably continue but at least I know how to deal with it now. And I’m in a much better space.”

Don’t worry J, you’re not budging from our beauty book.  

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