JB Smoove Speaks On ‘Hall Pass’ (& Why He’ll Never Really Get One) Plus Working on SNL

Comedian JB Smoove is on a currently riding a career high on all fronts. He’s presently on a multi-city comedy tour, JB will be on the small screen when Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to TV and he now can be seen in the hit comedy movie in the country, Hall Pass, directed by the Farrelly Bros. We caught up with JB to discuss his new projects, if he could ever get a ‘hall pass’ in real life and his upcoming movies with Jonah Hill and Matt Damon. Ronke Idowu Reeves


You’re in the new hit comedy film, Hall Pass. Tell us about your role.

JB Smoove: I have a few parts in Hall Pass. I play Fletch I’m one of the guys in the movies who could not get a Hall Pass (a vacation from being married) but I want to see these guys succeed. I’m on the man’s side,  I want to live vicariously through these guys, I want to see what happens I want to see these guys bring the panties home or something.


Wait, what’s up? The black guy couldn’t get a Hall Pass in the movie?

Everybody just can’t get one, you know?  [laughs] It has nothing to do with being black.


Okay, well speaking of which, would your wife ever give you one in real life?

No way in hell I would ever really get a hall pass! My wife and I went to the premiere together and a Hall Pass wouldn’t work. She don’t go for that mess It ain’t happening. I’ve been married for four years and been with my wife for almost ten years now. Never going down. [laughs.]


You’ll be back on TV when Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to HBO. Why do you think you and Curb creator and star Larry David hit it off so well? 

I think it’s all about timing. I think that everything I’ve done to get to this point played a big part in it. The first thing I ever did when I started acting was taking an improv class, like in 1991. It was perfect for me— all these things—working on Saturday Night Live, standup and movies here and there all led to my work on Curb.


Speaking of SNL, when exactly were you on there? I don’t recall seeing you on the show.

I was there  2004 thru 2006. I auditioned to be a cast member, but I didn’t get it, Finesse Mitchell and Keenan Thompson got the spots. But I ended up being a writer on the show for those three seasons; I was doing warm up and a few sketches. Then I would do Conan O’Brien downstairs. So I was getting four checks. See, I don’t play; I was putting that New York hustle on them [laughs].