Jumpoff Alleges Affair With Cynthia Bailey’s Husband

Some anonymous woman wrote to Bossip and recounted an alleged affair she had with Peter Thomas, who is now married to Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s not like people don’t cheat but this sounds fabricated. However, then again, you never know when it comes to heaux ish.

Via Bossip: On the night of cynthia’s birthday party. The girls and i went to club esso on saturday. As we were walking in i saw peter. We were seated in our booth right across from him. It was my girls birthday and she wanted a pic. I walked over to where he was asked him if he would come and take the pics with us he obliged!!!!

After i got him in our booth i found out how charming he was. Not only did he take the pics he came an chilled with us for a min. After what i thought were some more than friendly hugs he left. I watched him go back to his booth and thats when i noticed cynthia was there. Her and peter danced a little but she was really lokey and mingled with her girls. Peter on the other hand kept coming back to our booth asking how was our night going ect ect. Peter and i talked and talked… That man is a pimp!!! He bounced back and forth between booths all night. We exchanged numbers and email. Maybe an hour after we left the club i emailed him to thank him for a niice night. He emailed me back within 5 mins. We chatted and he invited me to his hotel.

I followed his strict instructions and about an hour and a half later it was just me and peter. That man is so romantic and sensual. It started with a foot rub and then i was naked. That man kissed rubbed and licked every part of my body. He is about 8 inches super thick and that old man knows what to do with it! Our best position was from the back, he had me singing and saying his name.oooh wee! The next morning we went another round andhe left around 9. He asked if i needed anything i told him no and he still left me with enough money to buy that purse i been wanting. Needless to say were going to do it again sorry cynthia…