Jungle Fever: 10 Hot White Boys Black Girls Would Give The Business To

By now you all know that there are many men that vixens love, but one of our friend Eleven8 took it a step further. She hass found 10 white guys that chocolate girls would love to get their hands on. Could she be right?

Paul Walker
Paul Walker is an American actor, well known for his roles in ‘The Fast And The Furious’ and ‘Varsity Blues’. His tough guy image, chiseled body and blue eyes definitely have me considering jungle fever!

Yelawolf is a rapper from Alabama and don’t let his looks fool you, he’s a lyrical beast! Anyone who knows me know I have a sick fascination with talent, and my crush on Yelawolf stems from his music, his looks and that lil country in his tone. Love him!

Travis Barker
Who doesn’t want to get their hands on a rock star? Travis Barker is a famous drummer & band-member of Blink 182. He’s probably remixed every hip hop song known to man and chances are, I know quite a few beautiful brown sistas that would let him remix their draws. I’m just sayin!

Robin Thicke
I’ve always wanted a man that could sing to me and at the top of my list is this blue eyed R&B crooner Robin Thicke. Although I’m the world’s biggest Jon B fan, when it comes to my loins, they yearn for Thicke!

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