Keshia Knight Pulliam Chats House Of Payne, Working With Lance Gross, Passion For Cooking

What can people expect for the rest of the season on House of Payne?

It’s definitely going to be very interesting. You have several different story lines. You have me and Calvin about to have a baby and the drama with his ex and the child that they have and I think ultimately, you’re going to see a couple with their struggles but also their joys and triumphs and enjoying each other and everything that couples go through. We’re back to filming and we filmed the episode where I actually have the baby so we end off where I have it. I’m not going to say what I have but it’s gonna be fun.

Ladies love Lance Gross and you get to work with him. What are some of your favorite things about having him as a co-worker?

We just have a lot of fun together. He’s a friend and he’s a pleasure to work with. He’s as silly as can be and he just makes my job easy. I can’t complain [because] I get to go to work and look at a fine boy all day [laughs].

Speaking of boys, you were supposed to have a reality TV show with your long-time boyfriend, what happened to that?

We decided not to go that route and it’s definitely for the best. We’re no longer together and I don’t think I’m very interested in doing a show about a relationship anymore.

When did you guys break up?

It’s been a while. It’s been almost coming up on a year.

How did you get past the relationship once you broke up because you were also business partners and lived together?

[Publicist interrupts and wants to move on].

Keshia: This is what I’ll say about it: Ultimately it just wasn’t meant to be and that’s absolutely ok. I definitely wish him the best. That’s kind of how it goes. Sometimes things don’t work out.

Word on the street is that you have a passion for cooking. Did you hone your skills in culinary school?

I’ve never gone to culinary school but I do love cooking. I come from a large family. I have three younger brothers. It’s me and then my mom and my dad. And growing up in a traditional family, my mother cooks⎯and actually my dad cooks as well. So being the oldest, I was helping to make things for my younger siblings as well. We all love to eat and I think it was therapeutic too. I like the joy when you feed people and they’re happy and full and enjoying themselves.

What are some of your favorite things to make?

It depends on what I feel like eating. I make everything from rack of lamb, to smothered pork chops in rice and gravy, to collard greens, to roasted chicken, so I kinda have a good collection of recipes under my belt. Once you know the fundamentals of cooking then you don’t need to follow a recipe, you just know what herbs go well or what meats, or what combination of what goes together and then you can just branch out from there. But if there’s something specific that I want to make, I work on the recipe and tweak it to my own.

So when are you dropping a cooking show or cookbook?

I would definitely be interested in doing a cooking show or something related to cooking and I think probably most immediately, I would do a cookbook. But right now we’re so busy with doing House of Payne and other endeavors because I have a production company on my own so I’m busy with all of that. I barely have time to cook dinner for myself these days [laughs].