Keyshia Dior Addresses Keyshia Cole Swagger Jacking, Gucci’s Face Tat, ‘Secret Kisses’ & More

You’ve seen her face and stacked body in a few music vids, but Keyshia Dior is more than just a video model. This sexy Miami-born bombshell is an entrepreneur and stylist who’s using her edgy look and business-oriented mind to become a household name. From her style alone, the self-proclaimed fashionista turns heads and applauds the swagger jackers for their effort to copy her trends. She gave VIBE a moment of her time to chat and get the scoop on all things Dior. -Niki McGloster

Tell me about your new lipstick line that’s launching on Valentine’s Day.
Secret Kisses came about because I first wore blue lipstick on South Beach. As you might know, I’m from Miami. There was a really huge event with Lil’ Wayne and Young Money and the pictures were on the blogs, so the comments were flying. ‘Oh my God, that’s really dope; she has on blue lipstick.’ Of course, you’re gonna have a few people saying, ‘What the hell is she wearing; what is that on her lips?’ And it just took off from there. When people would see me they would ask me where I got the lipstick from, so I decided to come out with Secret Kisses and create my own lipstick line.

Who did you team up with?
I built it from the ground up. I did my research and contacted a few manufacturers and went with the ones that sent me the best samples, the best qualities. I designed the cases, I told them what colors I wanted, I approved and denied, I did it from the ground up. 

Which colors are your favorite in the line?
They’re all my favorite because I came up with them, and they can be used for different reasons. I started with the blue which is Electricity. That was the trendy color then I came out with the yellow, then I came out with the white, then I came out with the green. Each color has a story behind it. It depends on what I’m wearing or what I’m doing, then it’ll be my favorite color for that moment.

Which color has the best story behind it?
For now, the blue because that’s what I started with and everyone else is wearing it. When you see someone in blue lipstick, you’re gonna say, ‘Oh, Keyshia Dior wore that lipstick.’ If you see someone in an orange lipstick, you’re not gonna get Keyshia Dior behind it.

Keyshia Cole wore the blue lipstick on her album cover. Do you feel that she jacked your swag?
When I first saw it, I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I felt like damn! She could’ve contacted me, and I could’ve had her wear my lipstick or whatever. Then I thought about it. It’s a good thing becuase I started this trend. There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I started it. I look at it like Keyshia Cole is a great singer, and she copied something from me. I look at it as something good. Amber Rose, everyone is wearing it now and cutting their hair like mine and even putting the lines in their hair like me, so I’m kind of flattered by it.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Yeah, because if it wasn’t dope they wouldn’t copy it.

You’re right. What makes you different from other video chicks?
It’s so sad because once you say you’re a video model, people automatically judge you like you’re such a bad person. Because of that saying, I never wanted to be a video model for those same reasons, but then I thought about it and I’m not like that. If I want to do music videos and to act or model in the video, then why not? Why not do it because of what people are thinking? So I came out. I’ve been in the game about a year now. I really started off being a stylist and I was like, well let me use these videos to build my clientele as a fashion stylists. That was my thought, but it really took off from there because the video models usually are Spanish girls with the long hair and here comes Keyshia Dior. She’s black, but she’s light-skinned, she has a totally different swag from the previous girls, she has a mohawk. My whole personality is different; I’m from the islands. I think I brought something new to the game, and the directors and the artists grasped to me quickly. That’s how it happened.

Like you said before, you definitely stood out because of the various lip colors you wore as well. When it comes lip color, people get confused about which color fits certain skin complexions best. Do think any complexion can rock a bright lip color?
With my lipsticks, honestly, you have to have a look. You have to have a swag, you have to be a fashion guru, you have to be swagged out a little bit. In my line, I have three colors that a normal person who’s not trendy like myself and it’s the light pink, the nude and the red. And I made those colors because I want everybody to partake in [Secret Kisses], although I designed the line for crazy people like myself. It’s an edgy, unique brand.

Since your line is called Secret Kisses, which kisses are the best?
I like the pop kiss on the lips.

Aw, why that kiss?
Because it’s the kiss you can do every day, all day. ‘Hi, babe’ [kiss]. ‘Bye, babe’ [kiss]. You know? You don’t have to put your tongue down my throat every time, and you don’t have to kiss me on the cheek because I’m your girl, so the pop kiss on the lips. If I don’t have on my bright lipstick [laughs]. 

Okay, we have to talk about the juice! Are you dating anyone?
Right now, I’m not. I would love to, but I’m not [laughs]. 

It’s funny. This industry is like… everyone wants to date me.

You’ve been linked to a few people.
Yeah, but I want a real relationship. I don’t wanna just play. You know what I mean? A lot of these guys that come at you like, ‘Oh, I don’t want a girlfriend; I just want us to hang out.’ Yeah, we can hang out and have dinner, but how long can you do that for? If it’s not something serious then I’ll just be your friend; we’re not gonna date. We’re not gonna be together.

I think that’s a great way to look at it. What’s the deal with Gucci? People have been linking you to him.
Well, I did the “911” video with Gucci in May of last year, and ever since I did that video, it’s been all over the Internet, all over the blogs. First Media Takeout posted the pictures from the set, and that’s where it all started. We’re really close friends, so if I’m having an event or something and I call him, he would come through. Boom! Pictures again.