Lance Gross Chats Marriage, His Ideal First Date, Why Obsession Can Sometimes Be A Good Thing

I think a lot of times people think that attractive women can get over on looks like getting stuff for free but now that you’re on the other side of being the ugly duckling can you share an instance where got something because people thought you were cute?

It’s more so just having a positive show. Like, I breeze through the airport. It’s just things like that⎯when people recognize you, you get extra perks. I wouldn’t say it’s based off of looks but I would say there are perks of being a celebrity.

This might sound like a weird question but what are some of the things you’ve learned about being attractive?

[Laughs] You just can’t take it for granted because for everyone that likes you there’s another person who doesn’t. I don’t know if I can give you three but it’s a lot of pressure too, because you can’t just role out of bed and come out side looking any way because you might get a picture taken of you and end up on the blogs and then they’re talking about you look old, you look crazy so it’s a lot pressure.

I went on your twitter today and saw that you participated in the #dearfuturewife hashtag. You tweeted, “I’m gonna love you like no one has loved you before, I promise.” That stuck with me because it shows that you are obviously someone who holds marriage in high esteem, so why is marriage important to you?

I’ve had positive examples in my life from my uncles and aunts to my parents and just growing up, I’ve always wanted that. Like, having a relationship like my parents or similar to the Cosbys. That’s something that I’ve always wanted so I’ve been successful in getting the things that I’ve set out to get so why not have that with marriage.

There’s a lot of talk about how marriage is declining statistically and some people say it’s a generational thing. Do you see it as a problem and how do we get back to where we used to be?

Yeah. I definitely see a difference in generations and I’ve talked about it before because with my failed engagement I kind of lost hope for a minute. It took a while but I’m just really getting over that but it has something to do with the generation. We’re raised differently as far as⎯not by our parents but just the times that we’re growing up in. It’s all about flash and what you can do for me. It’s not about building together anymore. Usually if you ask a woman what she wants in a man the first thing is he’s gotta have a good job, he’s gotta have his own car, he has to be able to take care of me, it’s not about building together anymore. What if he was dead broke and you were dead broke but you guys built an empire together. It’s just different. We have different morals now.

What are you looking for in a woman?

I just like a woman that could reinvent herself, like just have the confidence to try different things whether it be her style or⎯it’s weird, I feel like I have to be obsessed with the woman for it to work. I want to be obsessed with my girl because if it’s like that then we gonna be aight. And she’s gotta be intelligent, be able to hold a good conversation⎯not just what did you do today⎯I want to talk about politics, I want to talk about what’s going on in the world.

We’re not talking obsessed like psycho right, you know this is the Internet and people take things far.

[Laughs] No, not like that. Don’t even print that, [laughs].

I’m just joking…but you know people would really go there.

Yeah they would go there.

Are you dating right now, single?

I’m single but dating.

What is your ideal first date?

A lot of laughter. It’s a first date so there’s a lot of nervous tension and you don’t know what to expect from a person but if you guys can just laugh together and just have a good time it doesn’t matter what we do. We can go bowling or we can go to the opera or something, just as long as you can have fun with that person and if you can be thinking about your second and third date on the first date then it’s good.

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