Little Miracles: Weight Loss Leggings

Bliss has brought the best thing I’ve heard all week– weight loss leggings! Well, turbocell leggings to be exact. These are the perfect apparel for those who’d rather press the easy button on weight loss than run several miles a day.

If you wear leggings than you already know how incredibly comfortable they are for almost anything. (Note: I do not suggest you were these to a party or a major social event. They are not that appealing!) Yet, these beloved bottoms add weight loss to the pre-existing comfortability traits. Bliss claims that when worn 8 hours a day for 8 weeks, they’ve been shown to remove those much hated leg dimples and melt off a few inches from thighs, hips and buttocks.

How do they do it? Through a 3-layered fabric it shapes your body frame, increases your metabolism and increases your body temperature so you can trim the fat. You can fight cellulite while going about your daily routine. Who knew it could be so easy!

Would you try this quick fix to weight loss?