Meagan Good Talks Natalie Nunn, Rocking The Same Clothes & Cutting Her Hair [Pg. 3]

I spoke to Natalie Nunn a couple of days ago and she mentioned that you two grew up together.
Yeah, the perception that people have of her on TV is not really who she is. I mean she is wild and willing to do whatever she wants to do to just be inappropriate, but she’s actually really a sweet girl at heart and when she was talking about her new show, she really wanted me to come on it and I was like, “No, Natalie, absolutely not.” She was like, “No, you can take me to church.” And I was like, “Yeah, I might come on one episode and take you to church.”

The blogs one and only grip with you is always “Why does Meagan where the same shit every day?” What is your response to that?
I don’t really care. If something looks good to me and I spent my money on it I’m going to wear it as many times as I choose to, whether it’s my shoes, my earrings, my jeans. And what they don’t understand, the more they comment on it, the more you make me wear it. If you have something to say about my red lips, if I hear about it, I’m wearing red lips tomorrow and the whole week after that. Everybody’s different. Kim [Kardashian] loves to dress up, but that’s not me. I like to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I’m probably going to wear the same jeans and a t-shirt until I’m tired of seeing them, not when you’re tired of seeing them, but when I’m tired of seeing them.

With that said do you think you’ll ever go back to long hair?
At some point. I miss it every day.

Do you regret cutting it?
No, not at all. The main reason I cut it off was because a lot of the characters that I was [playing], werre always the love interest and that was cool through my early twenties because all I was trying to do was break away from being looked at as a child. And now that people know that and I’m in my later 20s, it’s time to be taken seriously and I felt one of the ways to symbolize that was to cut my hair off and say, “Look I don’t have the long sexy vixen mane. I have the serious haircut of a young woman.” It’s still stylish and still sexy, but it’s more appropriate for what I’m trying to do right now.

How are you balancing Hello Girls with your acting career? Are you taking a little break from acting?
It’s definitely going to be a balancing act, but it’s doable. I just believe in God that he’s going to work it out for me schedule wise. I know there’s going to come times where I’m going to have to make a sacrifice on either end, rather it’s a show, or a movie, or a project, or a gig, but I’m up for it. I’m not going to worry too much; I’ll deal with it as it comes.

You’ve spoken on wanting to portray Aaliyah is there any one else you think you could pull of well?

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