Mo Fire: Lil Kim Talks Nicki’s Decapitated Head, Foxy Brown’s Diss Record & Diddy

Lil’ Kim hates Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj hates Lil’ Kim. Simple statements, but for many reasons Kimmy is trying to make this look more complicated then needed. Here she is talking to Rap-Up about some more Nicki-centered topics. Sigh. If you’re interested, read on. Kim says thank you. 

A decapitated Nicki is pictured on the mixtape cover. Whose idea was that?
That was a fan’s idea. My fans are just beautiful. I thank God for my fans. They’re the best, the best, the best. This is how they kinda seen it. I like to give my fans opportunity. I have fans who love me and say, “Kim, I wanna do your artwork,” and I give them the chance. My fans are very special to me and I feel like when fans wanna do things for me, I let them go ahead and run with it ’cause they know what the other fans wanna see too.

What do you say to those who are fans of both you and Nicki and are concerned that this could escalate beyond wax?
Right now they don’t need to be concerned. I’m not going to allow anyone to disrespect me or take money out my mouth. I’m like a Malcolm X in that sense, but at the end of the day, I’ve been there done that, I know where things like this can lead. People gotta know that I’m not stupid, but I’m having fun. I’m protecting my brand and my empire at this moment. If this situation is deeper than what everybody would like to think it is, then it will all come to light. I’m a strong believer in how I conducted my strategy with this whole situation.

Foxy Brown released a diss record aimed at you called “Massacre.” What did you think of that? Did you hear it?
Laughs] I don’t think she heard it. I don’t even—I couldn’t even—you know what, next question. [Laughs] That was the biggest joke of the industry ever. Hilarious, hilarious. I don’t understand it.

How are things between you and Diddy these days?
I don’t speak to Diddy. He basically showed his side and what he wanted to do, so he can go over there and run with it.

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