NBA TV Fan Night: Vote for Which NBA Game You Want to See Next Tuesday Night

There’s a pretty good chance that next Tuesday is gonna suck for you. Reason being: Monday is President’s Day and, if you’re like us, you’ve got the day off. So after staying up late to watch the 2011 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, you’ll be able to kick it all day Monday and take it easy. But then Tuesday will come around and—ehhhhhhh!—you’ll be all, “Do I have to go to work today?”

Yeah, it’s gonna suck. But, fortunately, you’ll have something to look forward to on Tuesday night. Because once the NBA All-Star festivities die down in Los Angeles late Sunday night, 18 of the league’s 30 teams will be back in action on Tuesday night—and, of course, it’s NBA TV Fan Night just like it is every Tuesday night so you’ll have the opportunity to pick exactly which game you want to see when you get home from a long day back at the office. Your options: The Sacramento Kings battling the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Clippers tipping off against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Memphis Grizzlies paying a visit to the Denver Nuggets, the Boston Celtics taking on the Golden State Warriors, and the Atlanta Hawks flying into the City of Angels to take on the Los Angeles Lakers (the somewhat surprising front-runner at this point!). 

Like we said, thanks to NBA TV Fan Night, you get to vote for which one of these games you want to see. But, don’t worry: We’re not gonna leave you hanging on this one. To help you make your decision, we asked VIBE Account Executive Rob Crenshaw and Senior Account Director James Henderson to tell us who they are going to vote to see play on NBA TV Fan Night. Check out what they had to say in the clip above and then head over to the NBA TV Fan Night site to vote for who you want to see play on NBA TV Fan Night. Trust us: It’ll make next Tuesday a whooooole lot easier.