NBA TV Fan Night: Vote For Which NBA Game You Want to See Next Tuesday Night

It’s time to get back to work! Now that Blake Griffin has taken home the NBA Slam Dunk Contest trophy and Kobe Bryant has won his fourth—yes, his fourth!—NBA All-Star Game MVP trophy, it’s time for the NBA to get back into the swing of things. With a host of teams jostling for playoff position in both the Eastern and Western Conferences, the second half of the NBA season should provide for plenty of action. And you don’t want to miss a second of it.

Fortunately, NBA TV’s weekly Fan Night, you don’t have to! Each and every week, NBA TV gives you the option to vote for who you want to see play on Tuesday night. And next week will be no different, with five exciting matchups for you to choose from. The Dallas Mavericks will take their show on the road to battle the Philadelphia 76ers, while the Western Conference-leading San Antonio Spurs head to M-Town to play the Memphis Grizzlies. Meanwhile, the Detroit Pistons will square off with the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Houston Rockets will take flight against the Portland Trail Blazers. And, of course, Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks—what, you didn’t hear?!?—will tip off against the Orlando Magic.

So, which game should you choose? Hmmm…Tough one, right? To help you decide, we asked VIBE Editorial Directorial Datwon Thomas and Ad Services Director Kyle McCullers to tell us who they’ll be voting to see play on NBA TV Fan Night on March 1. Check out what they have to say in the video above—and then head over to the NBA TV Fan Night site to vote for yourself. Because while the NBA may be headed back to work, NBA TV Fan Night gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy your night.—Chris Yuscavage