NBA TV Fan Night: Vote For Which NBA Game You Want to See Next Tuesday Night

Are you about to blow the bank on Valentine’s Day this year? Good for you. In fact, great for you. But once the roses are exchanged, the chocolates are devoured, and the tags are torn off of that adorable teddy bear, don’t forget about your second love: The NBA! Especially since the NBA’s got a full slate of games scheduled for February 15th, so that you can enjoy a nice, quiet (see: cheap!) night at the crib to catch up on all the action the league has to offer.

Here at VIBE, we’re certainly looking forward to it (maybe even more so than we’re looking forward to V-Day—just don’t tell our significant others!). With the Miami Heat taking on the Indiana Pacers, the Philadelphia 76ers battling the Memphis Grizzlies, the Sacramento Kings traveling to test the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Phoenix Suns welcoming the Utah Jazz, and the New Orleans Hornets ready to run with the Golden State Warriors, it’s guaranteed to be the perfect antidote for that chocolate hangover you’re gonna be nursing.

And the best part of all? The NBA TV Fan Night site gives you the ability to vote for which game you want to see on Tuesday night. To help you decide, we asked VIBE’s Editor-in-Chief Jermaine Hall and Music Editor John Kennedy to discuss which games they want to watch next Tuesday (Unsurprising spoiler: One of them picks the Heat!). Check out their selections in the video above. And then head over here to the NBA TV Fan Night site, where you can vote for which game you want to see. Because we love this game—and we know you do, too.