Nicki Minaj Addresses Lady Gaga Comparisons And Her Own Fame Monster

BlackBook Magazine snagged Nicki Minaj for an extensive interview about the Barbie’s skyrocket to fame. Since first hitting the scene, Minaj has dealth with rumors, comparisons and hate that she opens up about in the mag. Here are a few things the raptress had to say about being compared to Lady Gaga and wrestling with fame:

On the Lady Gaga Comparisons
We both do the awkward, non-pretty thing. What we’re saying—what I’m saying, anyway—is that it’s okay to be weird. And maybe your weird is my normal. Who’s to say? I think it’s an attitude we both share.

On how fame has changed her life
I’ve always wanted fame..but when I achieved fame, I started realizing that it wasn’t as important as being great at what you do, or being critically acclaimed. Still, I never wish I wasn’t famous.

“I’ve lost my peace of mind. I no longer know who’s my friend or my enemy. I don’t know if they’re calling me because they like me or because they want a photo op, and that’s not a good feeling. I’m always second-guessing everyone, trying to figure out, Who is this person, and what do they want from me? Most people don’t treat me like a human being. I’ve become an image, a persona, a robot: ‘Stand there, take a picture, and smile.’”

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