Pandora’s Box: Mashonda Talks To Somaya Reece [Pg. 3]

Are you into women?
[Laughs] I love all my boss ladies but yeah, no comment.

What do you think is the main reason why women can’t just support each other?
Men are competitive, women are emotional. I’m not built that way. I live for risks, and competition. You say I can’t, and I will show you how I do.  Women are just generally jealous by nature. I’m not like those jealous chicks. I see no threats because I am con?dent in who I am. I support all my ladies out there. Girl power all day.

What’s your de?nition of a strong woman?
A woman that can endure all adversities yet overcome them with a smile. That is a strong woman! You can break us temporarily, but we will always get right back up swinging. 

Tell me about you song ”Tramp?”
My song Tramp was originally written as a rap. My producer thought I should try it as a pop, electro type of record. Being open to all genres of music, I said “Hey why not? “ The message is clear:  A Tramp is not what you should strive to be. The easy road out isn’t the best road. Be a self made boss, not a Tramp. Get it? The lyrics are self explanatory.

You are so focused and such a hard worker. What drives you?
As odd as this sounds. I literally go to sleep and wake up with my eye on the prize. I visually see it, and refuse to not get it! I mentally prep myself daily for it. What drives me most is my mother, father and not wanting to ever go back to living how we did. On hand me downs, working as a maid, in a garage over dirt, in the hood. My mother worked so hard in this country for us.  She tragically lost a son-my brother, endured a cheating, physically abusive husband. Hell, she deserves to live without pain anymore. She derives to never have to lift a ?nger and never have to cry again. And so does my father. He is now a changed man, a man of God, and they both deserve every penny I make for all they did to give us a better life in this Country.

What are your passions, where do you see your self in the next two years?
My biggest passion is to help others stay inspired. I live  to win! I want to have my brand fully developed. I’m halfway there! I REFUSE TO LOSE! That’s my journey. That’s my Love and Hip Hop!

The first time I met Somaya Reece was at a photo shoot for “Love and Hip Hop”. Somaya greeted me with open arms, but I knew she had  story to tell. Beyond that bright smile laid a very intense concern. I knew that she had her mind made up, and that she wasn’t about to let anyone step in the way of her dreams. I didn’t see a woman that once held the weight of the world on her shoulders, I saw a shining smile and resilient soul.

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