Pepsi ‘Love Hurts’ Super Bowl Commercial Takes Stereotypical Shots At Black Relationships

The Super Bowl ads are the most anticipated commercials of the year. While watching a slew of visuals about beers, cars and chips, there was a Pepsi Max spot that made me seriously anticipate the aftermath of its viewing.

In Pepsi’s “Love Hurts” ad, a black woman is depicted as the stereotypical angry and nagging black wife. Unfortunately, the black man is viewed as only able to catch a break from his overwhelming spouse when he’s alone and catches a meaningful glance at a white woman.

Boy, oh boy!

Several offenses came through on that ad, but my unfavorable reaction came in response to how many black people it would anger. I thought it was funny (until the white girl thing), but black love and relationships are always under a microscopic criticism. To know that the powers-that-be feel our love is ever tumultuous is a bit disheartening.

What do YOU think of this Super Bowl ad?