Play To Win ‘The Game:’ Tia Mowry On The Sitcom’s BET Rebirth

If it weren’t for the CW, we wouldn’t have a show to begin with. They picked up The Game and put us on the air for three years for fans to find us, so for that I give them credit. There were no hard feelings, especially when you’ve been in this business for a long time. Nothing’s fair and everything is fickle. I never take anything personal in this business—my mom taught me that. Because if you do, working in this business will be a horrible experience for you. 

We first found out BET wanted The Game when we were still on the CW. There was a write up in the Hollywood Reporter that said if The Game was canceled by the CW, BET wanted to pick it up. And we were like, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it, but that would be awesome.’ But after the show ended, nothing happened for a whole year and a half. Everything was very hush. Pooch Hall ended up booking a job and so did Coby [Bell], and I ended up doing a movie and a pilot with the Style Network along with my sister, Tamera [Mowry]. This is how we make a living, so we’re moving on with our lives. But I always knew in the back of my head and in my heart that something was going to happen with The Game. It didn’t feel like we had closure. 

I kept hearing about BET’s interest in even hair salons—it was among the [daily] gossip. But I didn’t hear about it being definite until six months later. I went through two pilot seasons, but it was difficult because I wasn’t done with Melanie yet and I wasn’t really excited about any other shows. So secretly I was always hoping The Game would be back. In the end, BET decided to pick us up because we are their target audience. They decided to go into original scripted programming, which is great. I’m honored and I feel blessed because it’s giving African-Americans jobs and the chance to express ourselves as actors. I feel truly blessed and honored about that opportunity.

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