Rookie Watch: Singer Tierra Heart Wants To Lead The Soul Renaissance

Second to win VIBE x’s monthly “Your Music Featured On” competition, Tierra Heart shares her musical past and far-reaching future plans



VIBE: Where were you born and raised?

Tierra Heart: I was born in Pomona Valley, California, but my upbringing was prominently down South in Louisiana, with my mother and my grandmother and church, doing the gospel thing. That’s where my roots are, where I get my soulful quality.

Who would you say are you’re musical influences?

There’s a lot actually I have a wide variety of artists that have paved the way for me, honestly. I like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Marvin Gaye, and probably Lenny Kravtiz. I don’t know I’m very versatile you can catch me listening to music of any genre. You can get influences from all over.

How old were you when you knew that you wanted to pursue singing?

Very young actually. Ever since I was probably 2 or 3 years old, I’ve always wanted a microphone every Christmas, that was like the ultimate gift. I needed a mic to top the last mic [laughs]. There’s pictures of me when I was a tiny little thing with big hair looking like a little Diana Ross with a microphone in the living room singing at the top of my lungs. Music has always been deeply embedded in my roots. My grandmother was the music director at all the churches that we attended, my uncle, my grandfather I have a wide variety of musicians in my family so it was just natural for me to have a knack for this.

I listened to “Lie to Kick it” & ” Gotta Go” and your music has a real soulful sound.

Oh definitely, I’m a soulful person. Everything I do is heartfelt. I’m very passionate, I put my all in everything that I do, especially my music because that’s my universal language, my way to express myself. One of the albums I recorded a couple years ago was called Heart to Heart, it was my conversation about my life and different things I’ve been through. So soul is definitely in anything that you hear from me.

If you could collaborate with any female artists that are out right now who would they be?

Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan. Keri because I like her writing, and I adore Jazmine Sullivan’s voice and sound.

What about producers that you would want to work with?

 Yeah definitely I like Polow Da Don, he’s really dope. I like Will.I.Am and I love the whole Black Eyed Peas’ sound and all the stuff he’s done with Usher. There’s a gazillion others still up-and-coming that have a fresh sound. I like to work with some of those no-names because nobody’s heard their sound so it’s fresh.

Now that you’ve won what goals do you plan to achieve?

Well right now, I’m really focusing on my writing. I’m trying to take things on another level, set up for a regional tour and just press forward with the dream to create the ultimate vision for the T-Heart Project. I guess my goal is to become extremely successful and be able to touch the world with my music.

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