Side Piece Politics: The Rules Of Being ‘The Other Man/Woman’

We don’t condone cheating, but guess what– it happens! However, there are some rules that a jumpoff must follow. Know your role and play it well, or else the affair could get messy. Here are some tips for a side piece to stay in her lane.

Don’t Kiss & Tell
The best secrets are the ones that are actually, you know, kept. As much as you’d like to share your secret life with your close friend(s), the less people that know about your affair, the better. Loose lips sink (relation)ships.

No Pictures, Please
Only people in serious relationships need visual souvenirs of a special moment together. Those on the creep need to steer clear of any flashing lights as much as possible – whether you’re the cheater or the side piece. The same goes for sex tapes and sexts. Getting caught in the act is one thing; recording it for prosperity is just plain dumb. 

Social Media is Not Your Friend
You never realize how small the world is until you sign on to Facebook. Chances are you have only a few degrees of separation between yourself and your man/woman’s significant other, but try to resist the urge to friend them and snoop in their business. Keep your digital footprints as light as possible.

PDA is Something You Buy, Not Do
Public displays of affection are a major no-no. His or her main squeeze may be out of town, but their friends might not. The last thing you need is for them to get caught out there because you wanted to reach out and touch someone that isn’t your official partner.

Feelings Are Overrated
The only feelings allowed in an affair are the ones that make you feel good, so shelve all talk of forging a deeper connection. As for the L-word, they probably have love for you but you’re fooling yourself if you think they’re in love.

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