Studio Stories: Danja [Pg. 2]



“We didn’t discuss any concepts with Future Sex/Love Sounds, everything just came out. ‘What Goes Around’ was the very first song we did for the start of that album. I like to have the studio for a little bit before anyone, so I got in there before Timb and when he came I just started playing that core sound with the guitar. Then he came right in with the drums. And Justin just started walking around the room humming melodies. The track took a couple hours and the song took two days.

‘My Love’ came after “What Goes Around.” Timb did a track before where I was just stuck questioning why am I even doing this. I think I was stuck for one day or two. Funny because that song he did didn’t even make the album even though Justin did a song to it… ‘My Love’ changed the whole album. I had some songs I was experimenting with and I kept asking how can I flip this. Justin had this guy named J Anderson and he heard what I was doing in my headphones and was like ‘What the fuck is that?!’ I heard dance and techn and was always interested in it but didn’t really know where to go. But I went to a club one night and saw that people were losing their mind to these dance tracks. It wasn’t really that I wanted to mimic that sound. I just wanted to have that energy and have people going crazy. So I knew the fusion was putting R&B with trance. As soon as I put the boom boom kat, I knew it.

A lot of [that track] is definitely me and Timb came through and added a couple of things later, he beatboxed on it of course and add a couple little sounds. The basis of it was is me and then we collaborated on the finish of it. The energy from that song carried for a long time. That whole album brought a newness to the business. 

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