Studio Stories: Danja [Pg. 3]


“‘My Love” was the track that definitely carried the energy for the rest of the album. After that we did ‘Sexy Back’, ‘Summer Love’, ‘The End Of Time,’ ‘Sexy Ladies’… all within an hour the next day. We was feeling good [laughs]

I still don’t understand the title of ‘Sexy Back’, but it worked [laughs]. Everyone from Access Hollywood to MTV was saying he’s bringing sexy back, but we didn’t think that deep about it. There was no conversation about it. I’m bringing sexy back was the first thing out of Justin’s mouth when he was listening to that track. It was an unorthodox chorus and just took off. It’s incredible watching Justin work because he’s like a rapper freestyling. I had no idea that he wrote that well. If I could go back into the studio and find one shred of paper with one lyric from that album, I’d sell it on Ebay for $2 million. But I’m never going to find that piece of paper. He wrote these songs all in his head. That’s rare. It was incredible.”

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