Studio Stories: Danja [Pg. 4]

→ “No. 1″ – Rick Ross

“That record… oh man, it was one of those DJ Khaled 11th hour ‘I need this in the next 30 minutes!’ plays. The track first of all is way crazier than what’s on the album. It was not mixed out, they took out some of my sounds, they completely fucked up my track. I usually get my engineer to mix my records, but she wasn’t available and it needed to be turned in that night. My artist, Kevin Cossom did a chorus on that track that’s way doper than the chorus they have now.

It was the same concept, but what made it hard was that Khaled kept blowing us up to get it done [laughs]. On KC’s mixtape we’re putting the original version. Like I said it was a last minute , but Ross still did his thing. I’m a big fan of his, always wanted to work with him, but on his next I definitely want to get in the studio and vibe. I know that I can give him everything that they attempted doing on a lot of different albums. But I feel like this particular one is an L on my record. I can’t even stomach listening to it. It’s not even what it’s supposed to do as far as musically. I did a lot of different music changes and there’s another sound in it that’s crazy that’s really low and you can’t even hear it and that was the driving part of his verse.

I want to say that there’s something rhythmically wrong in the verse. It’s just wrong [laughs] I never heard Ross’ verses on the record, we just did the hook and the track. I heard the final when the album came out, I didn’t even know Trey Songz was on it till the album came out. I’m like ‘Yeah! I got one on Ross. I feel like it’s crazy!’ Then I open up the album and I’m like ‘Nooo! I can’t believe they did me like this!’ [laughs] The track is chopped up in different places, the structure is just wrong. I told Khaled to let me remix that record and put it out as a single. It felt like it had single potential, but wasn’t all the way there. Unfortunately that didn’t happen though.” 

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