Studio Stories: Danja [Pg. 5]


I did the track originally for Usher… that would’ve been crazy if he nailed. I sent that track to Mark Pitts, me and Rico Love were working together, we did the “So Many Girl”s record first which was originally for Dr. Dre’s Detox album, but that’s another story.

So “Hello Good Morning”… Mark loved it. I think Usher heard it and loved it too, but I don’t know what happened. Sometimes I do tracks and they’ll just float around and then randomly pop up. So some time later I was in Miami and Diddy was like ‘Yo I got this joint that’s crazy!’ I knew he was loving it, but I didn’t know 100% he wanted it as his first single. So he played it for me and It was dope, but it was left. I had to live with it a little bit to understand it because there wasn’t a prevalent chorus on it. After Diddy laid his vocals though, I really liked the way he sounded. Even though he was singing, his vibe was on point. Nicki killed it. Ross did his thing, but that was a last minute thing to throw him on it. I don’t think Tip was warmed up yet because that was one of the first verses he did since coming out [of jail]. I wasn’t loving it but I wasn’t mad at it either. 

I was supposed to be in the video but I couldn’t make it. I definitely didn’t know Swizz was going to be in the video though. I’m cool with Swizz he always shows a lot of love, but when I saw him in the video I thought damn everyone’s going to think he produced it. Luckily Diddy went hard saying it was me who did. I’m cool with being in the background, but I’m going to present myself properly and step out there [more]. But I want it to be 100% right, because from that point on it will be different.”

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