Today In Blank Stare News: Man Sues Boss Because Her Voice Literally Makes Him Sick

New York City Housing Authority Superintendent Anthony Dingle claims that his boss, Demetrice Gadson, verbally harassed him to the point of sickness.

Dingle, 48, recently filed a lawsuit claiming that his boss berated him so much that the sound of her voice made him puke.

“I was constantly being attacked by her. I felt like attacks could come at any time. Every time I heard her voice, it triggered a sickening feeling in me,” Dingle said through his attorneys.

Dingle added that the verbally abusive attacks forced him to go to the doctor and be prescribed medication to calm his stomach. According to the New York Post, Gadson actually enjoyed the concept of making a grown man vomit.

“I did not know that I made men throw up,” she allegedly stated.

But things allegedly got worse than just vomit. Dingle blames Gadson for a bleeding prostate as well as having to see a therapist.

This is so silly and the fact the the court system is even entertaining this is vomit worthy. Why didn’t he either file a complaint with human resources or get another job? People would try to sue you if you looked at them wrong these days, smh.

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