Trey Songz Working On New Album For 2011 Release

Our boy Trey Songz stopped by the Billboard offices for a quick live Q&A for his Twitter followers and fans. Sitting with Mariel Concepcion, Trigga touched on wanting to release another album in 2011.

“I want to release an album this year,” the Atlanta-based R&B singer tells “We’re starting in the studio now. I’m always thinking about music. I’m in the studio whenever I can be. I’m not pressed or in a rush to make an album right now, but I always have a need to make music.”

Trey says he’s looking for new inspiration: “I’m feeling very creative, though, so it may be something I’ve never done before. There’s always a certain amount of pressure there, but I like that. With every album, I definitely want to grow my audience as well as myself.”

With a number of overseas concert dates in the coming days, Trigga is looking to make his mark in foreign land.

“We’ll be overseas for two months making sure that I’m world-renowned as a great tour act versus just another song,” he explains. “I put in a lot of work to be loved and welcomed in arenas and shows in America, so I want the same thing for overseas. I’m just exploring every opportunity, and I definitely will be making (new) music when I come back.”

Songz has not yet announced an official release date for his as-of-yet titled album.

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