V Exclusive: Justin Bieber Says He Respects Lil B But Collabo Is Not Likely To Happen

Live from the Grammy press room at the Staples Center, VIBE had the opportunity to throw some questions at teen sensation Justin Bieber.

Making a surprise visit as his mentor Usher was fielding questions about his next moves, Biebs nearly tackled Ursh after blurting out “swag!”—a tagline that has recently been resurrected by rapper Lil B.

When asked if they’ve ever made contact, the young Canadian admitted that it hasn’t happened yet but revealed that the Berkeley native was definitely on his radar.

“No, I haven’t [met him] but he’s funny,” Bieber says with laugh. But don’t expect a Bieber x Lil B collaboration to happen anytime soon.

The Grammy nominated heartthrob says they’re in two completely different lanes: “You know what I think that’s kind of his lane. I’m in a different lane than him but I respect his music.”