Vixens Reveal Their Best, Worst & Dream Valentine’s Day Experiences

Happy Valentine’s Day from Vibe Vixen! In honor of this day of love, we snagged a few of our fave Vixens to talk about their best, worst and dream V-Day dates, past and present. Read what each lady had to say about her special (or not-so-special) cupid experiences.

Keri Hilson’s steamy V-Day date: This was about six or seven years ago but it was a boyfriend. I did a really sexy scavenger hunt around his apartment and I hid clues all around his apartment with gifts. I would give a clue to the next gift – under his mattress, in his closet. Some of the gifts were edible massage oil, furry handcuffs, love dice, another was a card with my heartfelt feelings, and the last one I was wearing [laughs].

Marsha Ambrosius’ best V-Day date: It wasn’t really a date, it was a 76ers vs. Lakers game spent with Dre & Vidal (philly producers) laughing at everyone else on dates. It was the best Valentines though 🙂

Dawn’s past V-Day dates: I never had a worse because I have an amazing father. If no one else gives me a gift, Dad makes sure every woman in the house has a flower, whether it’s my mom, me, cousins, whatever. Every woman gets a flower or a candy. That’s how he is. I grew up with an amazing father and brother. That’s the bad part! When you grow up with that, men don’t amount to that amazing-ness. You’re looking for someone to be as great as they are. The shortage of great men is huge right now, so there are not a lot of great men to do those things anymore. It’s few and in between now. It’s a great thing having a good father, but nobody lives up to that expectation.

Nia Long’s idea of a standard V-Day date: I’m a very simple girl. I like quality verses quantity so a great dinner I love being near the ocean so if it’s near the ocean or on the beach or a walk. We can go see a movie. That’s easy. I don’t require a lot. The most important thing for me is honesty because I don’t like not being told the whole story so just honesty and just being open.

Keyshia Dior’s dest V-Day date:
I went on a little island with the boyfriend I had at the time, and it was just us. Nice hotel that was on the beach, but it was surrounded by water. It was really nice. We had strawberries with chocolate [laughs]. Wine, jet skis… I was on the beach in a long, flowing dress; I remember the whole thing!

Ester Dean’s dream V-Day date:
My perfect Valentine’s Day is to get a bunch of diamonds [laughs] and a dude bringing them. Whether I get them for myself or someone else gets them for me, I want lots of pink diamonds and some Christian Louboutin. I believe in manifesting shit [laughs].

Melanie Fiona’s best (single girl) V-Day date:
For a good Valentine’s Day, last year when I spent the day without a Valentine, I went to the movies with my best friends and I felt really, really good about that. I felt like, rather than feeling sad about not having a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, I and my girlfriends went to the movies, we went out to dinner and we just had a really nice day. I got to see like three awesome movies. That was probably one of my biggest Valentine’s Days.

Somaya Reece’s best V-Day date:
I was having a really hard time because my grandmother had passed away, and I remember one particular guy did something so romantic for me every single month. We’d fly somewhere every month for our date night, so I was expecting Valentine’s Day to be something like that, but my Valentine took me on my dream vacation! Mind you, this is a nine-to-five working guy and he saved up his money to take me on this $8,000 trip. Everything was perfect! We had a beachfront property all to ourselves and he gave me a promise ring, a beautiful music note charm, and it was just perfect!

BONUS! Melanie V-Day shocker:
If I had to chose a celebrity crush to escort me to the Grammys, I would take Anderson Cooper as my date. I have it bad for him! I have it bad for a man who is intelligent, stands for something and has that salt and pepper hair. I love it! -As told to Niki McGloster, Keith Murphy and Diane “Shabazz” Varnie