When Is It Time To Have ‘The Talk’?

Imagine. You’re feeling yourself beginning to fall head over heels for the guy you’ve been dating for awhile. However, you can’t gauge the perfect time to express wanting to move forward with him. Here’s some great words on the topic!

With Valentines Day fast approaching, many are probably wondering if the one they’ve been spending quality time with wants to do more than just “kick it” and instead try to lock it down and really begin building toward the future.

Perhaps you’ve been dating the perfect man (or woman) for a few months now. He calls you every day just to hear your voice, sends you cute “I’m just thinking about you” text messages, and when you two are together you have the most wonderful time in the world. Just when you’re about to change your Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship” you stop yourself and ask, “What’s really going on?”

Since the simple days of middle school love notes that once asked, “Will you be my girlfriend? Check yes or no,” are no more, many of us are left to wonder if we are or are not actually in a relationship.

Sure you can assume that the person you’ve been seeing is your man, but assuming so can be dangerous and may possibly lead to a messy situation rather than a happily ever after. Just ask Nina and Darius.

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