The Wins & FAILs of Kobe Bryant’s New Mini-Movie, ‘The Black Mamba’

Kobe Bryant had one hell of a weekend. He took home his fourth NBA All-Star Game MVP trophy last night after helping the Western Conference beat the East. He became the first non-actor to ever get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And after dropping a series of trailers over the course of the last month, he finally released his first mini-movie, The Black Mamba—starring Kanye West, Bruce Willis, and Danny Trejo and directed by Robert Rodriguez—through his sneaker sponsor Nike.

But, was Mamba as venomous as we all hoped it would be? Yes—and no. Check out what we loved (and hated) about Kobe’s first mini-movie. And then watch it below to judge for yourself.—Chris Yuscavage



1. Kanye West’s expletive-laced rant after he fails to take Kobe’s sneakers. We don’t have any actual proof of this, but we’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that that wasn’t in the original script, ‘Ye. Let’s have a toast for the…

2. The final scene with Kobe playing ball on the roof of a skyscraper and throwing dudes off of it. Kind of reminds us of Above The Rim. Without all of the melodramatic acting, of course.

3. Robert Rodriguez poking fun at movie sequels at the end. Nice job on this one, fellas, but, yeah…we don’t really need a Black Mamba 2 anytime soon.



1. Kobe’s continued use of the nickname “The Black Mamba.” Nicknames are supposed to be earned, aren’t they? And while he’s been using it for a few years now, Kobe’s still seems super manufactured. Especially when it’s being used as the title of a mini-movie that’s basically an infomercial for Kobe’s Nikes.

2. The minor role that Bruce Willis accepted for the movie. No offense, Kanye, but isn’t Bruce supposed to be the movie star here? So, why is he playing second fiddle to you?

3. Kanye jacking the “Boss” title that Rick Ross has worked so hard to make his own. On second thought, wouldn’t Ross have been a better choice for Kanye’s role than Kanye here? Hmmmm…….