WTF! Kobe Bryant Gets Served With Paternity Suit After Magic Game?

[via HELLO BEAUTIFUL] Kobe Bryant is the latest NBA baller to receive some devastating news during a game. Following the Gilbert Arenas scandal, a clip posted by TerezOwens shows the Laker shooting guard served with papers after a loss to the Magic. The word is that the mysterious package is a paternity suit from a girl Kobe knocked up shortly after the Tiger Woods scandal. Here’s what a “source” is saying about it:

“A girl Kobe was mixed up with earlier in the year gave birth to his ‘alleged’ child,” the insider is saying. “Kobe paid for her to live in Italy for the last year. She’s returned to the states and is now seeking legal rights.”

After the last big scandal, did Kobe not learn his lesson, or is this another case of gold-digging?