10 Songs Madea Keeps on Her iPod Playlist


We hope you’ve enjoyed Madea’s run as guest editor of VIBE.com. Over the course of the last few hours, she’s given you the rundown on her Big Happy Family, dished out some advice about keeping your family happy, and even shared her thoughts on some of the latest celebrity scandals. But now she’s gotta get back to doing what she does best: Holding down the Simmons family!

But since this is VIBE.com, we couldn’t let Madea go without asking her to let us take a look at her iPod (yes, she has one!). We wanted to see which songs keep her going and allow her to do her thing as a mother and a matriarch of her family so effectively. And we were pleasantly surprised to see some of the tracks she had hidden on her personal playlist (Spoiler alert: They’re not all about being a mother—we see you getting down on the dance floor, Madea!). Here are the 10 songs we found. As Madea would say: Put the shut to the up…and take a listen! Oh, and don’t forget to go out and see Madea’s Big Happy Family, too. In theaters now!


The Artist: F.S., featuring Northern League

The Song: “M.A. To The D.E.A.” (BUY IT HERE!)

Listen Up:


The Artist: 2Pac

The Song: “Dear Mama”

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The Artist: Al Green

The Song: “Let’s Stay Together”

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The Artist: Usher

The Song: “Yeah”

Listen Up: 


The Artist: Kanye West

The Song: “Hey Mama”

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The Artist: Kirk Franklin

The Song: “Looking For You”

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The Artist: The Intruders

The Song: “I’ll Always Love My Mama”

Listen Up:



The Artist: Black Eyed Peas

The Song: “My Humps”

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The Artist: Snoop Dogg

The Song: “I Love My Momma”

Listen Up:


The Artist: Peaches & Herb

The Song: “Reunited”

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