10 Things You Didn’t Know About B.o.B. [PG. 2]


6. I sleep with my guitar in my bed and everything. That way if I wake up out of my sleep and I have an idea, I can play it instantly. “Don’t Let Me Fall” kind of came about like that — the ideas just come to me at random times.

7. When there’s a full-moon I blink more than usual. It’s ridiculous really, I can’t even control it. It’s almost like a tick. Not a half moon, or semi-moon, but it has to be full and I’ll blink like a mad man.

8. My favorite movie growing up was Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. It took place in New York, the cute reporter was in it, uh… April O’Neal.

9. I don’t have a car. It really kind of just happened that way, I always wanted to get one but haven’t had the time. Growing up, I dreamed of getting a corvette that you could drop the top on. I’ll get that soon !

10. I cant sit still, I’m always moving. Honestly, I think I have ADD. And I’m real creative at night so I don’t sleep much [Laughs].