10 Things You Didn’t Know About B.o.B.


10 Things You Didn’t know about B.o.B.

Bobby Ray is a renaissance man. Aside from singing, rapping and playing guitar, there lies much more to this shining star than meets the eye. Read on for the facts you didn’t know about B.o.B.

1. I was born on 4:20 AM on a Tuesday, kind of ironic huh [Laughs] ? I definitely appreciate the green way of life, you could say I’m a botantist [Laughs].

2. I go to the gun range regulary, and I’m a pretty good shot, too. It’s really like part therapy, part fun. You’d be surprised how much stress you can relieve at the gun range. It’s something I picked it up earlier this year because all I would do is make music or perform. I just needed to find something else. My favorite gun to shoot is the P-911, right now.

3. I know how to backstroke, as in swimming [Laughs]. I definitely don’t get to go swimming as much as I’d like to, but I got some skills in the water. It’s the best workout for your body.

4.My current favorite movie is probably Inception, it really answered a lot of questions I had. And the Adjustment Bureau.

5. I can cook for real, man. Most people don’t know that about me. I specialize in Italian food. I mean real stuff that they eat in Italy — not just boiling or baking something.