4 Fashion Trends All Females Need To Know About Before Spring Starts


Earlier this week, we provided the guys out there with a list of the five fashion trends they should keep an eye out for this spring. But, don’t worry: Ladies, we definitely didn’t forget about you. The spring season is upon us—please tell us you’ve been outside and felt it today!—and it’s time to make sure your wardrobe is just as hot as the temperature’s starting to get.

With that in mind, we wanted to make sure the females out there are getting themselves (and their closets!) right for the change in season. And to help you out we came up with a list of the four fashion trends females need to be mindful of this spring. Check them out and then get ready to step your fashion game. Because you don’t want the guys out there showing you up, now do you? Girl, you be killin’ ‘em!


1. Color blocking

The key to looking great this spring: More color! And not just a singular color like in years past. Instead, shirts, skirts, and springy dresses will use color blocking to maximize the brightness of the outfits that you put together. Put simply, color blocking occurs when different colors are mixed together on the same outfit using large swaths of fabric to create a stylish look. As a result, it’ll be hard for people to keep their eyes off you when you step out in color blocking clothing.

2. Graphic and tribal prints

When you’re not stepping out in an outfit that incorporates color blocking, there’s a good chance you’ll want to wear something that contains graphic and tribal prints. Like the article of clothing shown here, these prints are exactly what they sound like and they’ll spice up any outfit you wear this spring and add tons of personality to any look. 

3. 1970s-inspired silhouettes/long-flowing skirts

Skip the ultra-mini skirts that have been fashionable (or, at least, popular) in the past and go with a skirt that’s got some length to it. Leave a little more to the imagination this spring with a long-flowing skirt.

4. Sheer fabrics

Peek a boo! (Sorry, we just had to…) Sheer fabric is the final trend you need to know about right now. While there is a little bit of an emphasis on covering up this spring, there’s still plenty of room to introduce fun, flirty looks into your wardrobe thanks to the abundance of sheer fabrics that are used in many of the clothes coming out this season. If you’ve never done sheer before, give it a try. And if you have? Well, you already know the deal. It’s gonna be a super stylish spring—just as long as you keep these trends in mind.