5 Fashion Trends Every Guy Should Keep An Eye Out For This Spring


In case you’re still hiding underneath your comforter and stuck in hiberation mode right now, there’s something you should know: It’s almost spring! The first sign of it happened over the weekend when we all set our clocks ahead an hour, which will give us an extra hour of daylight every night from now on. That means it’s just about time to stop hiding underneath that big puffy coat you’ve been rocking for the last few months now.

It also means it’s time for you to start thinking about giving your wardrobe a much-needed upgrade. You’ve still got a few weeks until the subzero temperatures start to give way to milder days for good—and we’re sure you’ve already started hitting the gym hard to make sure you trim a couple inches off that waist line you developed over the holiday season—but it’s never too early to get your gear into shape before spring officially starts. To help you out, we’ve got five fashion trends you should keep in mind when you start hitting the stores to shop for new clothes this spring. So put some spring into your step and make sure your closet looks correct by keeping these five trends in mind.


1. Colorful chinos

Color, color, and more color. That’s gonna be the name of the game when folks start stepping out this spring. So rather than cop six more pairs of plain khaki chinos, consider going a little more colorful. Red? Green? Blue? The choice is yours. Just don’t be afraid to take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone. This spring, fitting in will look a little more like standing out.

2. Canvas sneakers

Yeah, we’re sure we’ll still see plenty of people out in their Air Force 1s and Js. But that shouldn’t be the only thing you step out in this spring. You’re also going to see folks doing canvas sneakers. There are a lot of dope brands out there to try. All we’re saying is: Don’t feel like the (Air) Force needs to be with you at all times this year. Slip your foot into something new and give it a try.

3. Stripes! And plenty of them…

Um, yeah. Remember how we said you’re probably gonna want to hit the gym ASAP if you haven’t already? There’s a good reason for that. Stripes—yes, stripes!—are going to be one of this spring season’s biggest accessories. And if we know anything about stripes, it’s that they can be very unflattering if they’re not used properly. So before you jump on this trend, make sure you jump into the gym. Trust us: It’ll be well worth it when you’ve got access to all the fly stuff that’s dropping this season.

4. Braided belts

You don’t need a suuuuper pricey designer belt to hold your new chinos up this spring. Instead, look out for all the braided belts that’ll be popping up this spring. Now that you’re in the best shape of your life (see the entry above!) you’re gonna need a reliable belt and the braided joints that will be all the rage this spring will definitely do the trick.

5. Shades in bright pop colors

Complete your look this spring with an extra-colorful pair of sunglasses. If you want all eyes on you, you have to make sure your eyes are covered in a pair of these. Match them up with the right outfit and you’ll have no problem looking like the man on your block. We see you killing them out there!