5 Ways Justin Bieber Can Go From Pop’s Boy Wonder To The Man (Pg. 4)



As kiddie acts go, Bieber possesses a sneaky skill-set. There are not too many dancing, twinkle-eyed teen idols that can play the piano, guitar and drums. It’s a raw musical attribute that Bieber’s team has made a point of showcasing at any given opportunity. But such a talent does not automatically equal longevity in the music industry. Both Hanson and the Jonas Brothers were promoted as teen wonders who played their own instruments and at times wrote their own material. Yet lightweight songwriting stopped both groups from crossing over to adult audiences. 

“Bieber has the musical tools,” Wete suggest. “But If he really wants to be respected as the artist they think he can be he has to start writing more serious songs and at least co-producing his own material. If you want to talk about teen artists who have become iconic from Michael Jackson to Prince those artists were able to write and play on their own material. But more importantly, they made songs that everybody could listen to, not just screaming girls. That’s the route Bieber should go.”

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