6 Easy Ways To Wear Denim This Spring


It’s finally March and winter is in its final stages… finally! As everyone is out building up their Spring clothing collections, it’s nice to know that you can still play with some of the essentials year-long. Here are six ways to make denim look exceptional in any setting.

1. Add a cropped denim jacket to your spring dresses for extra warmth when the sun goes down, and effortless looking style during the day.

2. Pair a denim jacket with different colored trousers, or skinny legged cargo pants for casual style that is completely on point.

3. The lightweight denim shirt is a very versatile wardrobe staple this season. It looks great worn over leggings or belted and worn as a sexy dress to show off your legs.

4. Light colored denim shirts complement perfectly a floral skirt, providing the perfect contrast of feminine and ready to wear cool. They can even be worn well if worn open over a white top or dress.

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