Akademiks Launches a New Online Video Series Called “Life Lessons”


Kick back and enjoy a couple of cold ones in The City That Never Sleeps—or work hard on a presentation that’s due first thing in the morning? That’s the decision that a young New Yorker must make in the first installment in a new series called “Life Lessons” that clothing company Akademiks just launched this month.

Every month, they’ll be creating a new episode—featuring a new cast, a new location, and a different life “lesson”—and uploading it directly to the Internet for you study. The ultimate objective? For you to learn how to play hard and grind hard while you’re out doing your thing. To check out future episodes, make sure you’re following Akademiks on Twitter or stay tuned to VIBE.com for more. Either way, it’s time to get ready. Because thanks to Akademiks, class is officially in session.