Amar’e Stoudemire Scores A Sip, Chat & Chow


Ladies, I know you’d rather not see men posted on Vixen unless they’re shirtless, but Amar’e gets a pass this time. The new Knicks savior is reportedly collaborating with fashion designer Rachel Roy on a clothing line. There are still many unreleased details, but thus far, all we know is the clothing line is for women.

Besides handling great business outside of Madison Square Gardens, the center/forward player mixed it up with They talked all about his foodie favorites and who he’d escort to dinner, dead or alive!


Tricia: What’s your Favorite Chat- go-to restaurant when dining with friends and family?

Amar’e: Serendipity 3 – It’s a great place to take my kids when they are in town. Great atmosphere, and they have the best dessert in the city. We like to share the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Tricia: What’s your Favorite Chow- restaurant for dinner?

Amar’e: Prime Grill has a great Kosher menu. I will take anything from the menu.

The interview was cute, and who knows, Vixens? Keep your eyes open at these spots. You just may snag a ball player!

I kid, I kid.

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