American Idol’s Top 11 Contestants Say Their Mansion Is Haunted

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It sounds like they might need to do a Ghost Hunters edition of American Idol this season. Some of the contestants are saying that strange things have been happening in their living quarters and they feel that a lot of the activity is paranormal.

Via Pop Eater:

E! Online reports that many of the remaining 11 finalists noticed some spooky stuff going on during their stay, leading many to believe the house was haunted.

Naima Adedapo describes, “Even though I’m a very logical person, it was a little disturbing for it to be 2:30 in the morning and the doors blow open and there’s breeze and wind. I picked up this huge chair and put it in front of the door and it still blew open, so it was best to leave the house.”

Adds Lauren Alaina, “Me and Pia [Toscano] were upstairs and the doors flew open. We were watching a scary movie before that and we were [already] freaked out. Me and Pia decided we were going to sleep downstairs, and James Durbin was making fun of us. [Then] he opens the garage door and supposedly sees a hand fall down.”

“I saw something white that looked like an arm,” confirmed Durbin. “It freaked me out.”

Yikes! Do you believe in ghosts?