Apple Unveils Their Latest Game-Changer: The iPad 2!


They say the sequel is never quite as good as the original. But “they” have obviously never laid eyes on Apple’s iPad 2. For starters, we were just fine with everything the original iPad had to offer. Sure, there were a few things we would have liked for it to have—namely, at least one camera and an HDMI Out option—but those weren’t necessarily deal-breakers, especially when you consider that there were no other tablets out that were offering even a fraction of what the iPad did. But as Apple is prone to do, they’ve outdone themselves with the announcement of the iPad 2.

So while we’re still plenty excited to see the Motorola Xoom and the BlackBerry PlayBook in action sometime soon (say what you want about Apple—but we absolutely love that they don’t make us wait months for a product after announcing it), we can’t front: The iPad 2 has us amped for March 11 when it’ll be available for sale. It’s remarkably lighter than the original iPad, thinner than the iPhone 4, and includes a quicker processor, front and rear-facing cameras, and a battery that’s still equipped to handle 10 hours of Web browsing, Netflix watching, app searching, FaceTime-ing and, well, whatever else you use your iPad for. And it’ll also be available in both black and white when it launches next week. For now, we’re all Apple fanboys. Because the brand that Steve Jobs built has come through—again. This is one sequel that already looks like a win to us.—Chris Yuscavage


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