Are You In A Fashion Slump? Here’s The Cure!


Chelsea Smith of Clutch Magazine must be a mind-reader because a lot of females teeter with their love for fashion as the seasons change. We all have, or have friends that have, slumped into a fashion depression. Are you lacking the energy to get all done up for the rainy, cold weather? Have you given up on trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends? Are you just fashion unfriendly right now? Well, Smith has some good tips to falling back in love with your style!

The first step toward solving any problem is, of course, admitting that there is a problem to be solved. But more importantly, you must fully understand the root from which it stems. There are a plethora of factors that may be causing you to feel “blah” in the style arena as of late. Could any of the following be keeping you down?

* Hectic Schedules: Woman are infamous for wearing a dozen hats at once. On any given day, we’re playing student, employee, boss, socialite, wifey, mommy, and friend. With so much to do, who has time to be getting all cute, right?! Ehhhh, negative.

* Finance Woes: Everyday we’re reminded of how poor the economy is. But reality sets in the hardest on the 1st and 15th; rent, car note, credit card, tuition, utility, groceries, gas, and cell phone bills are all sucking your account dry. Sometimes your paycheck is gone before you even see it. When this is the case, recreational shopping is usually the first “luxury” to fall by the wayside.

* Bad Weather: The last thing you want to do on a rainy or hundred-degree day is get dressed. And on the contrary, when it feels like twenty degrees below Antarctica outside, there aren’t enough garments in your closet to prepare you for the frigid air that’s gonna smack you down as soon as you step out. It’s no secret that weather impacts our mood, and, consequently, how we decide to present ourselves.

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